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What is neuroscience and why does it matter? Neuroscience is a field of study that basically focuses on the structure and function of the nervous system. For years, brain researchers believed (and convinced the public in the process) that once we reached a certain age, we were fixed in our behaviors, habits, and beliefs.


We now know this is false as studies have since proven that our brain consistently takes in new signals from the nervous system and sprouts new connections while pruning away old ones. This is called neuroplasticity and learning to use this to assist you in the change process is very powerful indeed!


As you seek to make changes, understanding what happens in your brain and body on a physiological level will offer much-needed encouragement as things may feel worse before they get better.  So often people give up before they neurologically give themselves a chance to truly integrate their new circuitry.


You don't need to be a science geek and go into years of study to benefit from this area of science. Basic knowledge on how this applies to your situation will be enough to encourage you to stay engaged in sprouting new growth in your brain. Neuroscience provides a point of reference when the going gets tough.