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Tree Stump

Meditation is a powerful tool that can facilitate your change and healing process, and there are many ways to do it: sitting, standing, walking, lying down.


Meditation gives you the opportunity to practice the skill of quieting (not stopping) and accepting the thoughts that flow through your mind and influence your life. It helps you to get off autopilot mode and into the pilot's seat, paying more attention to where you are going. In other words, you learn to focus and concentrate on where your attention goes.


Our mind is chatty and constantly on the go. When untamed, it loves nothing more than to create drama on the stage of our mind.  These dramatic mental performances (your thoughts and beliefs) are habitually recycled from previous days (many of which did not originate with you) and, in turn, impact you physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Sure, when you start a meditation practice, the chatter can feel intimidating, loud and chaotic. With instruction, practice, patience, and non-judgment (which I will teach you), you can befriend the inner turmoil and meet it with respect.